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How to Find the Best Pop Up Canopy

February 4th, 2015 Comments off

pop up canopyHosting a party in your backyard? Going on a camping trip? Planning a large event, such as a wedding? Or, just looking to make an area suitable for a variety of weather conditions? Then you are probably in the market for a new pop-up canopy. We have created a list of all things you should consider while looking for your brand new canopy.


While some pop-up canopies are weatherproof, others are just weather-resistant. It is important to consider where and when you will be using the pop-up canopy. If it’s to host summer events, a weather-resistant canopy is ideal because it can protect against possible light showers; however, if you hope to host spring events, then perhaps a weatherproof canopy is better because it can protect your guests in case you are victim to an unexpected spring rainfall. The location will also determine the type of canopy as some areas are more prone to rainfall than others.


If you plan to use a pop-up canopy on the beach or under the hot sun, be sure to find one made of reflective material that protects against extreme heat. Similar to the question of weatherproofing, certain thicker materials can ensure better protection from precipitation than others, and this is an important factor if you anticipate snow, sleet, or rain.

Design of the Pop-up Canopy

Are you hoping to promote your business? Do you want your brand on display? Or do you want a neutral appearance in public? These considerations are important as you browse potential pop-up canopies. You can often find tents in a solid color or with optional patterns, which can send different messages to those around you. If this pop-up canopy is just for your own entertainment or protection from the weather, then perhaps the design and color are not as important; however, if it is to draw attention to your company display in a public place or at a conference, then you may want to consider custom branding or selecting a specific, bright color for the outside of the canopy.


The size of a pop up canopy will determine how many people can be sheltered at any given time. For a team gathering, a corporate event or a family celebration you may want to consider a larger canopy that fits dozens of people, as well as tables and chairs underneath. Large pop-up canopies come in a range of sizes, and it is important to measure the possible location before choosing the canopy. For a smaller picnic, a festival shelter or simply to protect your personal belongings, you may consider a basic shelter or canopy shade closer to a 5 to 10 feet by 5 to 10 feet size.


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Your Outdoor Shade Solution

September 16th, 2014 Comments off

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pop up canopyEverybody enjoys spending time outside with friends and family, but sometimes the sun can be a bit too much. One of the best ways to overcome this difficulty is through a pop up canopy. When deciding to purchase a canopy, it is important to look for some key quality features. Failure to investigate these elements of your canopy may result in a less the performance quality purchase.

Ease of Set Up

Some of the canopies available on the market are less than easy to set up. The more parts the canopy requires, the more extensive the time investment for set up will be. In order to avoid carrying a ton of parts and complicated instructions, you will definitely want to seek out a canopy which is easy to set up. Models such as those made by E-Z UP make a great choice. When you purchase a pop up canopy you want a piece which allows you to get set up and back to enjoying the time you love with your friends and family.


One thing you do not want to do during your outdoor leisure time is hurt your back. If you find yourself with a pop up canopy which is constructed with heavy material, you may end up with back pain. Instead, you need to find a quality canopy constructed out of lightweight material. This will make it considerably easier to maneuver the canopy to the desired location, as well as increase the ease of transportation. The E-Z UP Sierra II features just such a frame made with white-powder-coated steel and a rust-resistant frame.

In addition to the canopy frame, it is important to consider the material of the canopy itself. A poor quality canopy can decay easily and fail to successfully block the sun’s rays. Another element of the canopy to evaluate is its ability to resist fire. If you plan on barbequing or being around others who are participating in such activities, it is very important to have a canopy which will not easily succumb to fire. Finally, your canopy needs to be able to successfully block harmful UV rays. While spending time outside is a wonderful way to enjoy your leisure time, too much exposure to UV rays can lead to increased probability of skin cancer and other problems. As a result, you definitely want your canopy to be able to block the majority of these rays. Modes such as the CPAI-84 execute all of these elements perfectly. This pop up canopy top is proven to be fire resistant and will block over ninety-nine percent of those damaging UV rays. When you go with the E-Z UP SR9104BL Sierra II, you will get all the things you need for an excellent canopy.


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